Temporary Canada Mail Service

As of Black Friday Weekend 2020
We have temporarily activated the ability to send products to Canada as away to determine if we can continue doing this on a regular basis.

Until 01/03/2020, Canada will receive a separate shipping invoice for now until we can determine the average cost it'll take to send packages to you. This will help make sure or customers are not being overcharged.

Here are the scenarios

  • If you have minimal suppliers in an order, we may be able to have the supplier ship it directly to you from their warehouse.
  • If there's multiple suppliers, we found it's a bit cheaper to have the products sent to our office. We will then package it up in one box. Then ship it to you in Canada.

Can I cancel if I don't want to pay for the Shipping Invoice
Yes, we do not process your order until you pay for the invoice. Therefore, you can always let us know. We will cancel and refund your purchase.

Dec 10, 2020