Why should I buy from you?

Although there are cheaper products out there, you choose us for these reasons:

  • Supporting our local economy
    • We use U.S. Suppliers for our everyday products!
    • Specialty Items are from outside of the U.S. This is because we can't either find the product made in the U.S., we can't make it, or the items are not high enough quality.
  • Providing Forever Merchandise
    • We're fans and we know how disheartening to buy something so awesome and find it dusted within a few days, months, or years. Buying your Forever Merchandise allows you to memorialize your time watching your favorite shows.
  • We bring back the "Customers are always right"
    • Customers are the neck of our operations. If you can't support us, we don't exist. Therefore, knowing our customers matter makes us want to be better.
  • Customer Individualism
    • Every customer is different. Therefore, we believe there's a right solution for everyone.
Dec 10, 2020